Without speaking the same language, we found the music notes is the ideal means of communication, the five musicians (Artur Zeqiri, Ebrahim Ahmadi, Nicolas Lescombe, Thomas Mazellier, Yamen Al Yamani) of Miksi got to know each other during the first residency at the Rocher de Palmer in September 2020. Brought together by the European project Migrants Music Manifesto (MMM), they drew up a first repertoire inspired by traditional Albanian, Kurdish and Syrian pieces, rearranged by the group’s coordinator, Nicolas Lescombe.

Concerts & Events

Garage Moderne (Vibre! Festival) – Sunday, May 28th

Bordeaux | info

Festival Vibre ! – Sunday June 11th

Vertheuil | info

Center Social Eysines – Saturday, June 17

Eysines | info

Utcazene Fesztivál – July 19-23

Veszprém (Hungary)

Festival Noutic Zic – Sunday, August 27

Escaudes | info

Mios Summer Scene – Saturday, September 16

Mios | info to come

Summer Scene Marcheprime – Friday, September 22

Marcheprime | info to come

Café Lib – Saturday, September 23

Bourou (24) | info to come

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